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Hudson Delaware REgional ChApter

of the

Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry

2021-2022 Board of Directors

HDC-SETAC is managed by an eleven member Board of Directors which are elected by the voting membership-at-large each Summer. Each Director serves a term of three years, and may serve more than one term if elected. Directors must be members in good standing in both HDC-SETAC and SETAC, and must be committed to following the goals and By-Laws of HDC-SETAC.

Linda Logan, Ph.D., HDC SETAC President (term 2021-2022) BioTerraphase Engineering, Inc. - Doylestown, PA 

Jennifer Wollenberg, Ph.D., HDC SETAC Vice President (term 2021-2022) BioFTI Consulting -  Wayne, PA

Don Nazario, HDC SETAC Past-President (term 2021-2022) BioNormandeau Associates , Stowe, PA

Daniel Millemann, Ph.D., HDC SETAC Treasurer (term 2021-2022)New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

Joy McGrath, HDC SETAC Secretary (term 2019-2022) Bio; ERM, New York, NY

Juliana Atmadja - HDC SETAC Communications (term 2018-2022) Bio; WSP USA, Morristown, NJ

Michael Firth, HDC SETAC Board Member (term 2018-2022) Bio ; The ELM Group Inc., Holicong, PA

Gina Ferreira - HDC SETAC Board Member (term 2019-2022) Bio; USEPA Region 2, New York, NY  

Bryan Hedgpeth, Ph.D., HDC SETAC Board Member (term 2019-2022) Bio; Exxon Mobil Biomedical Sciences. - Annandale, NJ

Abigail Debofsky, Ph.D., HDC Board Member (term 2020-2023) BioUSEPA Region 2 - New York, NY

Erica McKenzie, Ph.D., HDC Board Member (term 2021-2024) Bio; Temple University, Philadelphia, PA

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