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Hudson Delaware REgional ChApter

of the

Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry

Student Representative

Anthony Sigman-Lowery - University of Delaware

I am a PhD Candidate at the University of Delaware, and I am interested in joining the HDC SETAC board as a student representative because my research interests align with your mission, and I believe that my community-building talents will be an asset to the board.
I am studying the fate and behavior of novel brominated flame retardants in aquatic environments. My research will be the first to experimentally investigate their dissolved organic matter and octanol-water partitioning properties as well as their historic deposition in Arctic sediments and presence in freshwater plankton. This research aligns with the mission of HDC SETAC, as understanding the physicochemical properties, distribution, and bioavailability of emerging contaminants is critical to evaluating their environmental toxicity and informing potential regulation. Additionally, I am one of the founding members of UD’s Queer & Trans Graduate Student Union. As co-chair, I have overseen the growth of our membership to almost 200 members, partnered with student organizations and departments on social and educational events, and advocated for more LGBTQ+ inclusive policies across the graduate college. This leadership role has provided me with significant experience as a community and event organizer, which I believe will be vital to the role of growing student membership and developing and executing student activities. HDC SETAC represents an amazing opportunity for students to meet a diverse range of environmental professionals, discover potential career pathways, and learn how their research can actually impact the world. I would be honored to join the board as a student representative and lend my skills to this mission.