Hudson-Delaware Chapter SETAC 2024 Spring Meeting

                           Hudson Delaware REgional ChApter

                                                                                             of the

Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry

We are thrilled to announce that our upcoming spring meeting has garnered an exceptional response from professions and students across the region. The accepted abstracts cover a wide range of environmental and toxicological research topics. We look forward to exploring the insights and advancements they bring to the environmental science community.

List of Poster Presentations

  I.       Toxicological Impacts on Aquatic Life

  1. Developmental Toxicity to PAHs in Hudson River ahr2 Variant Atlantic tomcod Compared to a Reference Population - Kristin Terez; New York University
  2. Temperature Stress During Development in Hudson River Atlantic Tomcod - Adedamola Samuel Adenekan; New York University
  3. A comparison of the effects of thermal stress and chemical exposure on Atlantic tomcod Microgadus tomcod populations from the Hudson River and Maine - Renee Heller; New York University Department of Environmental Health
    II.     PFAS Pollution and Mitigation Strategies
    1. Wildlife Toxicity Reference Values for Perfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS): Status and Data Gaps - Brian Yates; Yates Environmental Sciences Inc.
    2. PFAS concentration in whole-body fish tissue over 7 years of monitoring downstream of AFFF spill, Rome NY - Adam M Haines; NYSDEC
    3. A Comparative Analysis of Various Adsorbents for Removing PFOA from Water - Sevda Joudiazar; Stevens Institute of Technology
    4. Optimization of adsorption parameters for removal of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluorooctane sulfonic acid (PFOS) from contaminated water by a designer biochar - Hadeer Saleh; Stevens Institute of Technology
      III.  Urban Environmental Contamination and Remediation
      1. Stormwater Heavy Metal Distribution in Camden, New Jersey - Angelina Lewis; Rowan University
      2. Post-Storm Surface Water Heavy Metal Distribution in Camden City, New Jersey - Rose Mularadelis; Rowan University
      3. The effect of pH and stormwater management practice characteristics on desorption of orthophosphate and dissolved organic phosphorus from soil media - Radwa Abdelaziz; Temple University
      4. Phytotechnology in Wastewater Treatment: Impact of Vetiver Grass (Chrysopogon zizanioides) Coverage Rates on Nitrate Removal in Hydroponic Setting - Arash Aliasghar; Stevens Institute of Technology
      5. Copper, Lead and Cadmium in Soils from Urban Community Gardens in Philadelphia: Is There a Need for Concern? - Spencer Talbot; Thomas Jefferson University
        IV.  Innovative Methods in Environmental Monitoring and Treatment
        1. Estimating the transplacental transfer of plastic production chemicals using machine learning and in vitro assays with human trophoblast cells to understand toxicity - Julie Gardella; NYU Langone Division of Environmental Medicine
        2. Using Beer and Weed to Recover Critical Materials from Agricultural Waste - Ben Bruno Nkapbela; Thomas Jefferson University
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