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Hudson-Delaware Chapter SETAC 2022 Spring Meeting

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Are in you interested in taking Public Transit to the Joint 2022 SETAC Spring Meeting?  CPRC and HDC SETAC chapters are more than willing to help you find the public transportation that meets your needs.  Maybe you just need a ride to the meeting or need to be picked up at the train station? 

Carpooling?  We started a NEWS post on the website to gather anyone who might be interested in carpooling.  Log in and go to the news post and leave a comment if you are interested.

Here is the latest information we have regarding taking a train:  

The nearest train station, NEWARK is 2.8 miles and about a 7-10 minute uber ride, and is definitely not walkable.  Those wanting to take public transport can get off at the Newark train station and then take a cab/uber/lyft to the site.  Also, DelDOT is in the middle of a complete rebuild of the road in front of the site, and at present walking isn’t recommended.  We are also not sure they’re letting the buses stop near the site. 

Please contact the CPRC and HDC SETAC Board of directors with direct questions.

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